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We are here to help the Professional Drivers or any companies that are regulated by the FMCSA\DOT which are the backbone of our American economy

You are more than just a Truck Driver

Most people see a driver in a big rig as just a driver, we see you as a Business entity with unique service, communication, and financial needs. You are also held to a different standard as professional driver and Owner Operator so there are numerous regulations that are added to you and your business.

One Stop Shop

Whether you are new to the industry or an old pro you can always use a partner to help with things that are either not in your wheelhouse or you just do not have the time to do. We have the same mentality, so The DOT lounge also has partners who specialize in areas that are crucial to your continued success. We do this so we can be your one stop shop for your business.

Help you get down the Road Smoothly

The DOT Lounge is here to be like your Premium Bostrom driver’s seat, just like it eases the bumps and jars of the road to make the driving easier, we notify and educate you on simplifying those regulations, make sure you get the tools, services and finance options you need to ease the burden of operating your trucking business and to ensure you are being profitable. Look through our site see what we offer you to ensure you get the success you deserve.

We are here to Help

If the above is a routine and constant in your life, we understand that getting simple things done can be frustrating and difficult. We are here for you and are only a call or Click away.

Regulations are hard to follow

Most of us here at the The DOT Lounge are former Truck Drivers or Owner Operators ourselves, we understand the difficulty with maintaining compliance and following various rules and laws that can be different from state to state. Just as most of us during our careers as drivers have run into encounters with DOT Officers and said these words,"I didnt know that.", we image you have as well. We had to learn the hard way they are DOT Compliance officers, not DOT Education Officers. Now we have made it our mission to know every little compliance and law even better than the DOT Officer and we have learned to wield that little green book like a sword.

Just in 2018 there were 3.5 million roadside inspections and 5.9 million violations recorded. In Driver related statistics there were 3.4 million inspected drivers, 993,000 violations recorded and 187,800 Out-of-Service violations. Among the vehicle inspections, there were 2.4 million inspected vehicles, 3.9 million violations recorded 755,000 Out-of-Service violations. This was a very profitable year for the Federal Government with these fines.

Sign Up for The DOT Lounge TODAY and stop lining the governments pocket and start lining yours.

Our Partners

We have partnered with industry leaders to bring a one stop shop experience to you. From compliance and commuications to factoring and eld to large loans and tax/business services, we have you covered.