Company Services

Compliance and Business Services

With so much to worry about on the daily grind of operating a commercial vehicle or a fleet, from route planning to dealing with brokers, it just seems with the 11 and 14 rule there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done and sometimes you wish you had an office staff doing some of these things for you. Here at THE DOT LOUNGE we help lift that burden and let you get back to making money and a good night's sleep, by being that back office you wish you had.

Authority and Entity Formation

Need help getting out there on your own, tired of working for a man and want the freedom to make your own way, become and member to help get your authority and form your own company. We can help navigate through all the red tape.

Drug Consortium and The ClearingHouse

Are you compliant with the new ClearingHouse regulations and following the new hiring practices according to these new laws, we can help you get compliant and registered and simplify this process. Cut out the headache and don't be worried about regulations anymore, sign up today.

DOT Compliance Notifications

Custom built software to assist with DOT and FMCSA compliance and regulations

MCS-150/Biennial Update
Unified Carrier Registration
CE Training and Certificate
DOT Medical Card Expiration
Equipment Inspection Expiration
Commercial Driver's License Expiration

Email, Text and Software

Our Notification system is designed to send you reminders with instructions to complete compliance and regulatory requirements through multiple outlets to unsure you don't forget and stay legal on the road. It will notify you through email, text and within our software. No more getting caught off guard, always be ahead of troublesome compliance issues. Be proactive, not reactive.


We all know that we hate ELD, however it is currently required by law. So we do what we must in order to support our families. So, as such, we have partnered with TAFS to bring an affordable ELD solution to you called GPSTab, this is an amazing member perk... For More information go to TAFS.COM

Payroll and Drivers' Legal Program

Through TAFS we also provide Payroll and Drivers' Legal Services to keep you rolling without worry... For More information go to TAFS.COM


  • Loans

    Within the Financing options available you have Traditional Loans. These have multiple options within this category. We have as follows:
    Business Loans
    Personal Loans
    Fleet Loans
    Maintenance Loans
    If you have a need for a loan of this type please Click Here

  • Lease

    Leases are another option available. We offer:
    Lease New
    Lease Used
    Lease Buyout
    Lease to Lease
    Fleet Leasing
    If you are interested in Leasing Options Click Here

Need a loan to buy a truck, replace some tires, get an in-frame rebuild or just a fuel care we have you covered.

  • Fuel Cards

    Need to get started with a fuel card or need a higher fuel card limit with custom payment options Click Here

Are you in need to funds to take care of a business or personal need right now? Do you need 35k or less? Get an answer and money in your account within as little as 48hrs.
Apply Now!!!


Are you just starting out or need a little extra cash flow to grow your business faster? Our partner TAFS has you covered, with factoring.

  • As Low as 2.99% True Rate

    No Startup fees, written in plain English with no hidden costs, TAFS Factoring is only sensible option in the industry.

  • 1 Hour Advance Options

    Not being tired down to a bank and being open 365 days a year, when you are in need on a weekend or even Christmas, TAFS can get you funded within ONE HOUR.

  • Additional Perks

    Not just any factoring company, we only partner with the best. TAFS has so many perks up to and including Roadside Assistance, Maintenance and Tire Discount Programs, Load Boards, and ProDispatch. With us and our partners we have you covered for anything... Read More

ATBS Tax Services

  • Specialize in Trucking Industry

    Tired of BIG nationwide chain with the green logo, or the one size fits all online software that nickel and dimes you for everything. With ATBS you work with a specialist all year long to work on all the facets of your business and come tax season it's becomes a breeze with ATBS.

  • Unlimited Business Consulting

    Where is that folder of receipts to do my Schedule C filling... if this is you ATBS if you, just scan and upload your receipts and give your consultant a call, they will take care of it and have you ready for quarterly or yearly taxes, have a random tax question, call them a call. Need to refile because you forgot something, give them a call. It really is Unlimited Business Consulting.

THE DOT LOUNGE has partnered with ATBS to solve the tax problems we face as drivers and owner operator. Here at THE DOT LOUNGE we are dedicated to bring you premium services and only the best partners to service your industry.

  • Prices to fit all

    Are you a single truck operator, a company driver, or are you a fleet owner, they have a plan and a price to fit your tax needs.

Dental Discount Plans - NEW

A truck drivers health is important and as such we have partnered with Careington to bring you the best dental discount plan out there.

  • Discounts on Dental Services

    The Care 500 fee schedule includes about 95% of the most common dental procedures, but if the dentist recommends a procedure with an ADA code you don’t see listed, you still get 20% off. Also, if their original price is less expensive than the Care 500 discounted price, you get an additional 20% off! You really can’t lose with this plan.

  • Find Providers Nationwide

    Unlimited use plan with providers nationwide. They provide a search tool to find a dentist near you by zip code and if you want to get your teeth cleaned everyday you will receive the same discount everyday with no additional fees and no penalty.

  • Additional Perks

    Your 1Dental plan automatically includes an EyeMed vision plan. Save 20-40% on the retail price of eyewear and 15% on contact lenses at thousands of locations nationwide, including Target, Pearle Vision, LensCrafters and many local opticians.Learn More